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The Purpose of a Great Presentation: Mortgage Protection Part one

One the most important components in the sales process for life insurance agents is their presentation. From the moment you pull in the driveway you are on stage. Every movement, your body language, eye contact and the words you use will either have you closing or not.

A great mortgage protection presentation should not only provide a means for making a sale but should also educate your client as well as address objections before they’re asked.

Presentations begin the moment you sit down at the table following a logical process to closing the sale. The flow first begins with warming up your client connecting with them on something personal. Pets are great as I have never met a pet parent that doesn’t think the world of their fury companions. Kids especially grandkids are another; their décor is always a good fall back if there is no pets or family photos around.

Keep these conversations brief moving right into why you are there. Let’s take these point by point:

  1. When addressing Mortgage Protection clients, you are not a sales person nor a life insurance agent, rather the “…field underwriter assigned to their case.”
  2. Show your client(s) a copy of the lead they mailed in: “This is a copy of the lead we sent in…”
  3. Ask a test closing question: “For most of the people I work with their main concern is paying off or reducing the amount of the mortgage should we pass away. The goal being we don’t want to uproot the whole family. Is this why you sent in the card?”
  4. Explain how mortgage protection works: “…in order for the lender to get the money to either pay off the mortgage or reduce the mortgage it is funded through a life insurance plan. It use to work that the lender was the owner of the policy and the beneficiary of the policy. If you passed they got the check.” “Today, we can do things quite different which I like much better; we do not have to involve the lender at all. You can choose whom to leave the money too.” “This gives our surviving family options to do what they wish. They can stay taking the money paying off the mortgage, move if they feel the house is too big, or sell the house because they already have a home.”
  5. Address existing life insurance: “People can have and often do have several different life insurance policies. People get a policy to cover final expense needs as we know this is something that never goes away; we’ll always have a need for that.” “If we are lucky enough to have a policy from work we use that to replace income because is if pass away our family just lost a significant amount of income.” “and like what we’re talking about today we put a policy in place to cover our mortgage.”

In reviewing what you’ve just said, you first warmed-up your client; told them why you’re there asking a test close question; and you educated them on mortgage protection. The flow of this presentation is designed to help your client further understand why they sent in the card and give you the platform of either offering a term product or simplified whole life depending on what they qualify for.

Be sure to read Part Two for the next step in a great presentation.

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