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Underwriting Life Insurance

Case Design - Getting back to our roots

Remember when you were studying to get your life insurance license? You learned about term, whole life, UL and IUL. We gained the basic understanding of how these types of insurances worked. There were even some hypothetic situations where you had to choose which product best server the client’s situation.

What we didn’t learn was case design to meet clients’ needs. You have an idea of which product, but that is where, for most agents, the knowledge ends. This is where you reach out to your manager or the marketing departments of the carriers or both.

Protection through Life Insurance

Q&A: Estate Planning with Life Insurance

Life insurance is that most versatile of investment vehicles, a low-risk product that works for clients in just about any wealth category and life stage. Historically, it has been a key component in many a well-executed estate plan, and it continues to be one of the most relevant, secure options available.

Life Insurance is an Asset

Life Insurance as Property

Advantages as Property

As we get further into the subject of life insurance, you’re soon going to ask yourself, “Since life insurance is such a rational purchase, why aren’t people more eager to buy it?” One of the main reasons people don’t come to an insurance producer as they do other types of salespeople is that they don’t recognize life insurance for what it is—a type of property.

Selling Permenent Life Insurance

Indexed universal life: Flexibility for Life

Let's take a closer look at how indexed universal life insurance can be a fit for each phase of a consumer's life: introduction, accumulation and preservation.

In order for a financial vehicle to be worthy of all phases of a consumer's lifetime, it must be liquid, it must have a proven track record (or rate of return) and it must have the flexibility to adapt to the consumer's changing financial needs. Indexed universal life is a unique strategy that can provide all of these features and more. Let's take a closer look at how Indexed Universal Life (IUL) can be a fit for each phase of a consumer's life: introduction, accumulation and preservation.



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