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The Purpose of a Great Presentation: Mortgage Protection Part Two

In the second part of delivering a great mortgage protection presentation we’ll continue with our in-home conversation. The design of this presentation is to provide you with natural shifts in your conversation so you can stop to answer any questions along the way without missing a beat.

Now that you have explained the different goals of having multiple life insurance plans it’s to move into the field underwriting potion of your presentation.

The first step is to ask about their health and any medications they are taking asking plenty of questions along the way. If you have not read the article titled “Demystifying The Underwritten World” please follow this link to understand more.

“So in order to leave behind the money to pay down or paying off your mortgage through a life insurance plan, let me ask you how is your health doing? Are you taking any medications? How about over the past couple of years do you remember any other medications?” “The reason I ask is to see exactly which program we’re going to qualify for.”

  1. If they are any conditions i.e. blood pressure, asthma, anxiety, height/weight, etc. be sure to ask the following questions and record the information for each condition:
    1. Date of onset
    2. Medications they’re taking for the condition
    3. Have they missed any work as a result?
    4. Been hospitalized because of the condition?

If blood pressure is one of the conditions, ask what their last reading was and when it was conducted. If they are diabetic, what was their last A1C when were they diagnosed.

The more questions you ask the better chance you have of getting your client the policy they’re looking for.

  1. Now that you’ve completed the field underwriting its time to provide the quotes. Depending on the conditions of your client you’re either going to present a product to pay off the whole mortgage or income protection for 1,2, or 3 year’s worth of mortgage payments.

Sometimes the latter is all they can qualify for and asking what the monthly payment was at the beginning of your presentation you already know the number. Generally speaking, term is the most popular product to pay off a mortgage and simplified issue whole life is best for income protection.

When paying off the mortgage is the goal and you’re quoting a term product 20 years on a 30-year mortgage is what I recommend. I also present 3 options with the mortgage pay-off number in the middle; slightly less to left and slightly more to the left.

  1. From here the conversation moves to “…here are the plans (explain them) you qualify for so just let me know which one works best for you”. Be sure your quotes are written clearly and the make sense when present.

If we have properly educated the client on mortgage protection and presented the program in a clear easy to understand format the will pick a program and you’re starting the application process.

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