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How to present successfully

How to present successfully

The times are a changing. If you don’t change with it your ability to connect with prospects in a meaningful way will suffer. Know your market; be up-to-date on current events that are impacting your potential clients.

If you are working mortgage protection; how was the area you are working affected from the housing debacle of 2008? A basic fear is losing what they have spent time building up again. Should they suffer an unplanned event (either passing away prematurely or a catastrophic illness) how will their surviving families keep their home?

How to succeed with Aged Leads

How to succeed with Aged Leads

As we embark on a new, but familiar, $7 lead generating system for mortgage protection the worry for all of us is quality. It certainly was mine. Most of us have experienced the “aged lead” programs from some of the largest IMO’s out there.

They have been sold several times over-and-over to agents within the organization and passed off as a great lead. Compensating agents with 55% to 70% commissions, or less for some products, with the expectation that you’ll make a living and want to recruit to this program.

Mortgage protection Leads

Effective Life Insurance Leads During Covid

We all know that 2020 was a difficult year for our business. If you sold life insurance over the phone then you were less impacted. Those of us who sell face-to-face struggled. In listening to agents some are wanting to wait until Covid is completely behind us.

For those of you who are fulltime life insurance producers depending on that income to provide for your family, then that decision will be devastating. It will be the middle of summer at best before life returns to something resembling normal. It will take a couple of years for the economy to come back to pre-pandemic levels.

Is your FMO/IMO Earning your Trust

Is your FMO/IMO Earning your Trust

Is your FMO/IMO acting ethically regarding your career? After all a course in ethics is required every two years to maintain your life insurance license. The FMO/IMO in this case is the seller of value and you as a producer is the recipient expected to trust in the value the FMO/IMO is promising.

We’ve all heard the promises, “We have Exclusive A leads;” $10 Exclusive “A” Telemarketed Leads;” “High Contracts;” “Free Leads;” the list goes on and on. The picture is painted that the grass is greener on our side the fence. However, when we get there you find out the details realizing yet again you were handed promises that rarely come to fruition.



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