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Unlocking Success: Proven Telesales Tactics to Skyrocket Your Final Expense Sales!

Popularity of Telesales for Final Expense Life Insurance

In the evolving landscape of insurance sales, telesales for final expense insurance is rapidly gaining traction as a preferred method among agents. This approach not only streamlines the process but also aligns perfectly with the needs of the modern consumer who seeks convenience and immediacy. However, the glittering promises of high earnings often don't reveal the full picture—real net gains can be much lower after expenses and chargebacks. In this article, we delve into effective strategies and necessary infrastructure that empower agents to maximize their sales and manage the challenges that come with telesales, setting the stage for a profitable and sustainable career in the competitive world of final expense insurance.

Reality Behind the Hype of High Monthly Premiums

Despite attractive claims within the industry that suggest agents can secure $15,000 to $20,000 in monthly premiums, the reality can be quite different. It's crucial for new agents to understand that these figures often don't take into account the deductions for chargebacks and operational expenses. Realistically, after these deductions, the net earnings could be considerably lower, around $5,000 per month. This understanding is vital to setting realistic expectations and planning financially for a career in telesales (Insurance Forums).

Infrastructure Needed for Successful Final Expense Telesales

Initial and Ongoing Client Engagement

  • Immediate Post-Sale Follow-up: Contacting the client within four days of the initial sale is critical. This contact serves to confirm the client's understanding and commitment to the policy. It's an opportunity to address any second thoughts and reinforce the benefits of the coverage.
  • Draft Date Coordination: Aligning draft dates with clients' financial inflows, such as social security payments, significantly enhances the likelihood of successful transactions. Providing reminders a few days before these dates helps maintain financial consistency and reduces defaults.
  • Continuous Engagement: Regular engagement through cards or calls on birthdays and holidays keeps the relationship warm and can lead to high retention rates and referrals. Such touches make clients feel valued and not just like another sales number.

Advanced Communication Strategies

  • Personalization: Leveraging data to personalize communications can significantly impact client retention. Address clients by name, reference specific needs they've expressed, and tailor your messages to reflect these details. Personalization shows clients that they are heard and understood, which is crucial for trust-building.
  • Utilization of Technology: Employ CRM systems to automate follow-ups, ensuring no client is forgotten. These systems can send automatic birthday greetings, policy renewal reminders, and personalized holiday messages, increasing client engagement without significant manual effort.

Commission Timing

To mitigate the risk of chargebacks, agents can negotiate with carriers to receive commissions based on the premium payment date rather than the policy issue date. This policy gives agents a buffer period to solidify the client's commitment to the policy, thereby reducing the likelihood of early policy cancellations leading to chargebacks. This approach not only protects the agent's earnings but also aligns the interests of the client and the carrier in maintaining the policy (Lead2Client).

Managing Chargebacks and Client Persistency

Achieving a high persistency rate, where clients keep their policies active, is essential for long-term success in insurance telesales. While a 70% persistency rate is considered good, striving for 80% or higher is ideal. This goal can be achieved through meticulous client selection, thorough needs analysis, and continuous engagement. Understanding the common reasons for policy cancellations and addressing these proactively with clients can further help in reducing chargebacks and improving overall profitability (Insurance Forums).


Final expense telesales offers a dynamic and potentially lucrative career path for agents willing to adopt a client-centered approach and invest in building robust sales and follow-up processes. By understanding the nuances of client interactions over the phone and utilizing advanced CRM tools, agents can significantly enhance their effectiveness, leading to higher satisfaction rates among clients and ultimately, a more successful career in the insurance industry.

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