Activity! Activity! Activity!

Activity! Activity! Activity!

The secret to becoming one of the most successful agents in our industry is activity! Our lead programs are designed to do just that.

No Lead or Prospecting program is made available to our Agents until our sales management has personally had success in selling the program or lead over a period of several months.

We are an IMO that is actively selling the same product as our agents in the Field. The more people you see in a week gives you that much more of an opportunity to sell policies. The more policies sold the more money in your pocket, the higher the commission level, and the more opportunities you receive.

The best part is you won't have to contact your family and friends to get started. You won't have to spend your hard earned money in lead cost for old over worked life insurance leads just to get your business off the ground. As a Legacy agent, depending on your needs and budget, once you begin working with us we will help you get started with our lead programs such as Facebook leads, direct mail life insurance leads, aged direct mail or inbound digital life leads, Fresh "A" Leads on a weekly program and more.

Please understand that we are in the business of selling life insurance, not leads. Therefore, we rely on your production to keep it this way! We are not a lead vendor, but a real organization for life insurance agents to build a true practice of insurance and career.

Our agents receive fresh qualified direct leads - People expect you to call and help them fill in their life insurance gaps whether they are Mortgage Protection leads or Final Expense leads. When you start your life insurance career with us you can order from any our lead programs and within 24/48 hours or within 4 weeks, depending on the lead program you choose, you'll begin having fresh leads generated exclusively for you.

Expectations You Can Count On

As you become a successful agent with Legacy new opportunities in other markets will become available allowing you to unleash the true power of your Life Insurance license! We'll teach you how sell and generate leads ideal for annuities, long term care planning, supplemental retirement programs, and wealth transfer products.

Through our exclusive life insurance lead systems our goal is to increase your production. On average our agent partners convert 20-30% of their direct mail leads into actual appointments and then close 70% to 80% of the people they meet in person. Your goal should be to get within these ranges or exceed them! We'll coach you on how to meet your sales goals

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