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Advisers: Believe In Your Message

The biggest sale you will ever make in your career is to yourself. Before your clients buy from you, you have to believe in your message. Your No. 1 priority is to believe in what you do.

You are important: Why? Because many of our institutions may not be able to keep the promises they have made to the American people. The federal government may be forced to cut benefits for programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. State and local governments could reduce or eliminate pensions and promised health insurance benefits.

We must make our prospects and clients understand the only one who takes care of you is you. You can make them understand that by asking questions, such as: "What do you think will happen to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, health care and your pension?"

Such questions help them confront buried feelings. This sounds hurtful. It isn't. I say to clients, "There have been bad times before. Did some people make money during those times? Who made money? Was it people who planned and prepared for volatile times, or people who waited and did nothing? Which do you want to be? When do you want to get started?"

Achieve self-reliance: Your prospects and clients can achieve self-reliance. But you must ask questions and provide solutions with the strong belief that success is possible. Take these steps to strengthen your presentations -- and belief system.

  • Prepare a presentation filled with amazing questions. Professionals never "wing it."
  • Learn your products. Explain probate, incontestability, control, creditor protection and Medicaid versatility. These are benefits most clients do not know about.
  • Practice on friends and relatives first. They will tell you what is good and bad about your presentation. I guarantee when you have made 10 presentations you will become one of the best agents in the industry and your confidence will soar.

Finally, surround yourself with people who believe. Their belief rubs off on you.

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