Expanding beyond your Final Expense Marketing

Final expense will continue to be a very strong market providing leads and sales for years to come. The ever-increasing cost of final expenses continue to rise meaning premiums will continue to increase as well.

There are certain inherit traits to working the final expense market– the feeling of chasing business due to defaulted premium payments and no shows for appointments. The busier you are any chargebacks will melt away.

Reaching out to clients sometimes leads a mistake in account numbers provided at the time you took the application. This happens more often than you might think. I’ve lost count on how people gave me the wrong account number to their credit union checking or savings. It can be as simple as adding a “dash” that kicks back the account to the carrier.

“no shows” can be mitigated by never booking appointments longer than two days out. Even doing this still generates no-shows. It’s for this reason I book FE appointments in blocks of three with and extra 45 minutes between blocks. However, even with this habit I will schedule 6 to 7 appointments a day knowing I’ll most likely sit with half.

It’s for all of the above reasons I started looking at the Mortgage Protection Market. The sales process was very similar. It was a one-call close meaning, once I delivered my presentation my expectation was a decision and completed application.

I also found that 20% to 30% of the time I used a final expense product to complete the sale. Some people just couldn’t qualify for a term product to cover the whole mortgage, so I pivoted to covering monthly mortgage payments for a given time.

When I decide to mix in Mortgage Protection leads, the “no-shows” began to disappear and no one defaulted on their premium payments. As part of my fact-finding in running these leads I added the question of what they had setup for Final Expenses. Surprisingly, most had nothing, so more often then not I sold two policies for the breadwinner. Term to cover the mortgage and simple issue whole life to cover final expenses.

Working both markets reduced the number of Final Expense leads I needed every week from 30 to 20 when I added 10 Mortgage Protection leads every week. Using this weekly standing lead order mix gives me the opportunity to stay busy every week and keeps me at an average of $20k a month in sales.

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