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Selling Fixed Annuities

The Abundant Fixed Annuity Marketplace

It has been said that there's really only three things you can do with your money;

  • Spend it (consumption)
  • Give it away (donate to charity, be philanthropic, pass it down to family or loved ones etc.)
  • Give it to "Uncle Same" (in the form of taxes to the IRS)
Selling Annuities

6 Reasons You Should Begin Selling Fixed Index Annuities

As we begin a new year, many of us set new professional and financial goals that we want to achieve in the New Year.

Let me issue a challenge to many of you who service primarily the "senior" market. The challenge: BEGIN SELLING FIXED INDEX ANNUITIES THIS YEAR. Most of you reading this are extremely proficient in the Final Expense and Mortgage Protection market, but very few do much with Fixed Index Annuities.



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