• Fresh and Exclusive Voicemail Leads
  • Available for both Final Expense and Mortgage Protection
  • Available for Legacy Contracted Agents at a Discount
  • Quick order Turn-Around

  • High Closing Ratio
  • Delivered Directly to Your Email
  • Supporting Material for Unreachable Leads
  • Quality Guarantee


What makes these voicemail leads different from other voicemail leads?

  • The first detail you’re going to notice is quality of the lead. The Final Expense telemarketers conduct an interview with the prospect to determine their level of interest in receiving more information from agent. First they are asked if they want more information on our life insurance products. If they say they yes then we gather their name, age, the amount of coverage they are looking for, beneficiary and the relationship, their mailing address, date and time. We also go one step further and ask if anyone else in the home needs a quote on life insurance.
  • The Mortgage Protection telemarketers conduct an interview with the prospect to determine their level of interest in receiving more information about protecting their home's mortgage with Mortgage Protection Insurance. If they respond yes, then we educate them about this product and let the prospect know that it will pay off the mortgage in the event of their death or will make the mortgage payment in the event of a critical illness such as a heart attack, stroke or cancer.
  • Once we establish their interest we confirm that they in fact do have a mortgage. If so, then we gather their name, age, property address and the approximate amount that they owe on the mortgage.
  • Secondly, once the interview is completed they are told thank you for this information, it will be assigned to a life insurance agent in your area who will return the call and answer all your questions..
  • Thirdly, is turn-around time. Instead of a 4 to 5 week turn-around time for direct mail, voicemail leads, in most cases, only take a couple of days to fill an agents order.

Are these leads generated by Legacy?

  • No. These leads are generated, managed, and distributed by an outside vendor. As a Legacy contracted agent you qualify for a discount on any leads you order.

How many appointments can I expect and what is the average closing ratio?

  • The reason this voicemail lead program is so popular is because they are exclusive and never sold to other agents even those outside of Legacy. There are two significant factors to closing more appointments; targeting the right prospects and product availability. Legacy offers the carriers with products that will give you the opportunity to meet every prospects condition.
  • The name of the game in life insurance sales is activity. Quality voicemail leads will provide a continued flow of new prospects. The discounted price Legacy agents receive, make this marketing program affordable.

Can I buy these leads by the each to get started and how much do they cost?

  • Yes, the minimum order is 10 leads after which you can purchase any amount that fits with your budget and income requirements.
  • Contracted Legacy agents receive a discount: the cost is $25 each for Final Expense and $35 each for Mortgage Protection.

Do I have to buy life insurance leads through Legacy to get contracted?

  • No. Legacy is not a lead house. Bringing our agents other ways to generate leads is one of the reasons we sought out ths outside vendor. The second, is the request from agents who want a faster turn-around time to get started. Voicemail exclusive leads offer that quick turn-around time from order to received leads; usually within a couple of days your leads are starting to come in.

What is the Quality Guarantee?

  • The vendor will replace leads in some cases i.e. such as an invalid telephone number. Lead replacement policy is listed on every order form prior to the agent signing off on their order. These are handled directly through the vendor. Legacy does not manage any aspect of these leads nor can Legacy speak to quality or results.