RNA - Final Expense Remote Phone Application Enhancement

Beginning on Monday, August 16, Royal Neighbors will be deploying the following changes to the Final Expense Phone Application Process.
  • When selling remotely using the phone application, you don't need to worry about the delivery of required forms to your client. Now, during the call, your client can choose how they want to receive these forms — either by email or text message.1
    • ​​​​Customers who don’t have text or email capability can have the Important Information disclosure read aloud at the point-of-sale, in lieu of receiving it electronically. However, cases that include a replacement and/or ALBR will require you to submit the appropriate signed disclosures to Royal Neighbors after the interview.
  • When selling face-to-face, you should still deliver the required forms in person. However, if those forms are not available, this new delivery option can be selected by the client during the phone application. Just another way we're enabling your success at the point-of-sale!