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Premier Insurance Leads

Key Advantages of Partnering with Premier Insurance Leads

Premier Insurance Leads stands out in the insurance lead generation market by operating 24/7, quickly delivering high-quality leads within hours, and offering unique mortgage protection leads with detailed homeowner data. They provide two tiers of final expense leads to cater to different agent needs, including a premium option for deeper insights. Their efficient lead delivery system, fair exchange policy, and immediate support via text messaging streamline the process for agents. Moreover, they adhere to ethical advertising standards, ensuring that all leads are permission-based and compliant, making them a reliable partner for insurance agents seeking to enhance their outreach and effectiveness.

About Premier Insurance Lead Programs

Premier Insurance Leads offers an innovative approach to generating high-quality leads for insurance agents, operating seven days a week to ensure that most purchase orders start generating leads within six hours, with mortgage protection leads taking up to 12 hours due to their thorough processing. Unique in their field, they specialize in local mortgage protection leads without exclusions, boasting nine critical data points including date of birth and address, verified for homeownership, making these leads particularly valuable for term and Indexed Universal Life (IUL) products.

In addition, Premier Insurance Leads provides two types of final expense leads. The first is a high-intent base final expense lead that includes essential information such as full name, date of birth, street address, city, state, phone number, and email address. Their premium "Premier" final expense leads go a step further by including additional details like beneficiary information, reason for coverage, and current coverage status, offering a deeper insight into prospective clients.

Legacy Agent values the seamless lead delivery system Premier Insurance Leads employs, which includes text alerts with full lead data, Google Sheets, and door-knocking card PDFs for local leads, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their agents' outreach efforts.

Premier Insurance Leads operates on a first-come, first-served basis, emphasizing equality among agents and ensuring there are no exclusions or territory restrictions in their lead generation process. They generate leads across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico without blackouts.

Their exchange policy is designed to save time for agents; phone numbers are validated for connectivity, with disconnected numbers highlighted for exchange. A dedicated team member is assigned to each purchase order, with periodic reviews to ensure leads fall within the requested territory and meet age criteria, highlighting and exchanging any that do not meet these specifications.

Premier Insurance Leads prides itself on its proactive approach and ease of contact. They offer text messaging capabilities on their websites for immediate communication, although their main website must be accessed through their landing page for text inquiries.

Moreover, they ensure compliance and integrity in their advertising, avoiding mentions of free services, government programs, or social security to maintain the quality and reliability of their leads, which are delivered in real time with permission for contact, sidestepping FCC regulations, DNC, and TCPA concerns.

Legacy Agent looks forward to collaborating with Premier Insurance Leads, appreciating their commitment to quality, efficiency, and accessibility, which aligns with our mission to provide exceptional service to our agents.



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