Working The Lead - Video

In this video we’ll be talking about working Direct Mail Leads.

First understand that Legacy is not a lead generating company. We do not profit from the leads agents purchase. What it costs to generate your lead campaign are directly passed on to agents and not a dollar more.


Scheduling and Arrival - Video

Scheduling or Appointment setting is 50% of the job in working any lead program...

Before we leave to the days appointments, we need to be organized and ready. The reason for this is so when you're in a selling environment you're organized which presents itself to prospect as being confident.

This could be the difference of making a sale or not.


In-House Presentation - Video

The presentation we’re going to talk about is the same presentation I use which closes about 70% of the people I sit down with. While you can certainly take this presentation, and make your own that fits with your style, remember to include the bullet points in the order in which they are presented.

The reason for this is that when I develop a script I tailor the content to address objections right up front that I know people are going to say or ask.


Quoting and Closing - Video

From the previous video we’ve gather all the information. Remember that we stated at the beginning to "pay off or pay down" their mortgage and we asked what their monthly payment is.

The reason for this is that once you complete your due diligence in field underwriting their health, they may not qualify for a simplified issue term product and may only qualify for a simplified issue whole life plan. This happens more often than you think when working mortgage protection.