Do you want the secret sauce to a six figure income? Activity! The main ingredient to the secret sauce is Leads. This is not a new concept nor is it a magic bullet to instant success…it takes ingenuity and integrity from the group suppling you the leads and hard work from you to close those leads.

Other groups offer leads claiming they are the best in the industry. That was probably true five agents ago before they were re-sold yet again to you “…for the lowest cost out there.”

At Legacy our insurance leads are never re-sold. Do we have aged leads? Depending on where you are located it’s possible, but not likely. Our approach is to setup a lead program based on your financial goals and work schedule. The leads you receive are your leads…depending on how many leads you wish to work in a month you can lockup your territory.

Legacy believes in paying agents who are doing the actual work! While other groups keep your commission low…we don’t. We provide up to 115% in first year commission for our Mortgage Protection and Final Expense markets.

Have you ever run across a client you couldn’t close because you did not have a product they qualified for or do you want move into the Mortgage Protection market, but didn’t want to work with fully underwritten products? Legacy partners with dozens of carriers offering agents access to a list of hundreds of products ensuring you’ll never have to walk away from a sale again.

If what see hear sounds like something you would like to be part of then Contact Us Today.