LEGACY is an insurance and financial services company dedicated to the customers we serve and the Partners on our team. We believe the best way to enhance our customers experience is through the successful partnerships we develop with our field force.

By building trust, innovative thinking, and 21st century strategies, we empower our field force to succeed both personally and professionally. Our list of carriers provide our partners with the product they need; the one-on-one training from our executive team along with the collaborative input from highly successful Partners provide the training our field force desires.

Add to this our 21st century lead generation strategies peppered with innovation and our field is not only realizing profession success they are the experiencing financial growth unmatched by any other organization. By trusting in our business model of approaching your insurance career as a "Business" more profit from our partners' hard work is staying in their pocket, instead of flowing to the uplines expanding their coffers.

LEGACY builds partnerships with our field force to provide its customers with a lasting positive experience. Contact us today to join our team of professionals.

Legacy Partners

Legacy works primarily with independent life insurance agents and annuity producers located throughout the United States.

Our ideal profile of a Legacy Partner is one that is non-captive, self-motivated, values relationships, has an entrepreneurial spirit, puts needs of the customer first, values time, regularly invests in business and education, desires to earn a six-figure income, wants to be part of a "TEAM" and has an eagerness to constantly improve, learn, grow and enjoy life!

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