We rest our successes on our genuinely unique business model to cater to insurance and financial professionals that take their careers seriously and who can see real value in forming a partnership. Our mentality will always be, one agent or one agency at a time.

In other words, unlike most FMO's/IMO's that have a "law of large numbers" or "throw-it- against-the-wall and-see-what-sticks" mentality, Legacy takes the opposite approach.

We prefer to focus on forging authentic relationships with a limited number of quality individual producers, mid-size agencies or sub-MGA's. This begins by us essentially doing a "deeper dive" together in our initial conversations and up-front discovery process.

This goes way beyond what the average FMO/IMO will ever do with you, because the sad reality is most of them initially only care about getting you contracted ASAP.

Ironically, we'd much rather invest some of our time with you up-front to find out if Legacy might be a good fit for you and, conversely, if you may be a good fit with us! We aren't afraid to say no or walk away if we feel that is better for both parties.

By drilling down further on your present situation and taking some time to get to know you personally, we can together identify your personal and professional goals when contracting and begin to see your vision of where you want to be in five years or when you retire. From there our purpose is helping you figure out how to get there and then implementing a plan!

As a wise man once said, "Different isn't always better, but better is always different!"

We believe our business model is both; different and better. However, we also recognize we are not a good fit for everyone. Some agents or advisers try to join our organization, but for one reason or another we may conclude it's not a good fit.

Ask yourself this, how many FMO's, IMO's or insurance wholesalers do you honestly know that will actually walk away or turn down your contracts?

Contact Legacy and ask to schedule an initial consultation! We will schedule a convenient time for you to speak directly with a Legacy Corporate Partner or one of our Managing General Partners based on your location.

Legacy Partners

Legacy works primarily with independent life insurance agents and annuity producers located throughout the United States.

Our ideal profile of a Legacy Partner is one that is non-captive, self-motivated, values relationships, has an entrepreneurial spirit, puts needs of the customer first, values time, regularly invests in business and education, desires to earn a six-figure income, wants to be part of a "TEAM" and has an eagerness to constantly improve, learn, grow and enjoy life!

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