• Mobile Web Agent Quoter for Term, GUL & SIWL
  • Custom Consumer Quoter - Example: LegacyTermLife.com
  • MortgageProtectionLife.com & PayFinalExpenses.com
  • VOIP Telephone and Fax - Unlimited Calling
  • CRM and Agency Management System
  • Digital Marketing for Term Insurance



Explain the Technology Package to me

  • The Technology package is available to all agents contracted with Legacy. Each of the six individual modules are designed to seamlessly work together bringing our agents into the 21st century is managing their business while interacting with their clients and prospects.

Is there a cost to the modules?

  • Yes and No. For example, both MortgageProtectionLife.com and PayFinalExpenses.com are free to agents as they are included in a lead generation program. The other modules are priced individually or as a complete Technology Package which includes all of the above modules for one price.

If I only use one module can I add others later?

  • Yes. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish the Technology Package can be tailored to your business today while giving you the flexibility to expand as your business grows.

Are any modules necessary for me to buy to get contracted or buy leads through Legacy?

  • No. While it’s not necessary to purchase any module we do suggest that agents use the Mobile Quoter as it quotes all the Legacy companies in the state(s) you as the agent are selling in one easy to read display.

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