EFG & The Legacy Advantage

Jason T Brown

Thank you for visiting and please feel free to navigate our website! Eastern Financial Group (EFG) has been in business since 1990, and is proud to announce that we have re-branded the company to be known as Legacy Assurance Group. We are also excited to be adding some new people to our Executive Team, as well as our Support Team.

We take a lot of pride in getting to know the agents and advisers we serve. Having access to quality carriers or good products probably isn’t your primary need. After all, products don’t just sell themselves! We understand what you want and why. Our vision and focus is creating real value for our partnering agents and advisers.

We never forget who keeps us in business, nor do we lose sight of where our business and revenue comes from. We treasure every single relationship we have with our affiliated agents and advisers. We truly understand what it means for you to be “independent.” If you are serious about your business, then we seriously want to help you grow!

If you’re tired of empty promises or if you just want to develop a relationship with an organization that treats you how you should be treated, then please reach out to us. In fact, feel free to contact me directly!